BackUp Generator Services

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Protect against power outages

Since power outages are becoming more frequent, you may want to think about the installation of a Cummins or Generac back-up generator. We’ll install a system that meets your needs, as well as your budget.

Generators provide a seemingly uninterruptible power supply to your critical loads which could include: general lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters, refrigerator/freezer, sump-pump, etc.

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Service and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages so you can be sure that your back-up generator system is properly taken care of. We understand how important it is to have a reliable source of power when other resources fail. That’s why we take great pride in providing our customers with the best quality service and maintenance available on the market. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that your back-up generator is consistently running at peak efficiency to provide top performance and longevity.

Natural Gas, Propane or diesel Powered

Our home backup generators provide you with the ultimate protection against widespread power outages. Our systems run on diesel, propane, or natural gas ensuring that you never have to worry about accessing supplemental power during an outage. Their advanced features include: automatic startup when power fails; long-run fuel systems for day-long operations; monitoring lights to alert you of any trouble; and flexible configurations for seamless integration into existing households or businesses. Our backup generators provide high reliability and performance that is second to none.

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Indoor Or Outdoor Mounting

At WireWorx Electric, we have the perfect solutions for your emergency power needs. Our systems are designed to be mounted in almost any location – indoors or outdoors – so you can get reliable power when you need it most. Back up your energy supply with our powerful yet energy-efficient generators that can seamlessly switch between electric grid power and a generator source, ensuring that you always have a consistent stream of power.

Load Centers For Select Power

Our back-up generator systems are available with with load centers for selectable power. These distribution panels can feature 12-16 circuits, independently switchable in the load center so you can select which circuits can receive power during a utility failure. They allow for control over whatever circuits may need emergency power during an outage to ensure that essential appliances remain powered on.

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